Great Destinations For Your First Couples Holiday

Great Destinations For Your First Couples Holiday

If you are someone that has started a relationship in the last couple of years or so, you are what the world refers to as a lockdown couple. As a lockdown couple, you have not had the same experiences as other couples. You likely met in a way that wasn’t very typical, such as through social media, and it is likely that it took you a while to actually meet due to the difficult restrictions.

Lockdown couples were not able to go on as many dates thanks to the difficult rules. They were also unable to meet a lot of the milestones experienced by couples, such as traveling to meet each other’s family or enjoying exciting valentines together.

One of the main milestones that a lot of lockdowns have unfortunately had to miss is their first couple holiday. A couple’s first holiday usually happens within the first couple of years of their relationship, of course depending on their financial position.

People often say a first holiday together is a good test of how your relationship will last. Booking a holiday can be incredibly stressful and it can put a lot of pressure on your relationship, especially if things go wrong. Having a holiday together works as a bit of a test to whether or not your relationship would survive this stress.

A lot of people have been unable to experience this test in their relationship due to the restrictions surrounding travel. However, the world is starting to open up again, which means that there is a good chance that we may be able to return to booking holidays next year.

For couples who have not had the chance to head on holiday, now is an exciting time. You can now look at booking a holiday ahead of next year. Picking a destination for a holiday can be difficult, especially if it is your first together, you don’t want to get it wrong.

To have a successful couples holiday, the best thing that you can do is select somewhere that is perfect for couples. Here are some options for the best destinations for your first couples holiday.


If you are looking for the perfect first-holiday destination, there is no better place than Paris. France in general is a fantastic country with a rich history that is just waiting to be explored. Paris is the most romantic city in the world, with brilliant bakeries and restaurants, along with the Eiffel tower.

It is suggested that every couple should visit Paris at least once in their life, as it is guaranteed to keep that spark in your relationship lit. Paris is aware that so many couples travel there for a romantic week or weekend, and so you can find hundreds of extremely romantic hotels.

The use of Air BnB is very common in Paris and you can rent an apartment in a fantastic location, meaning that your romantic time away with your partner will not be disturbed by hotel staff and other guests.


If you have browsed the internet looking for somewhere to stay, it is likely that you have stumbled across something called the Sandals Resort. The Sandals Resorts are a common resort that a lot of couples go for when traveling. The only issue is that there are a lot of different Sandals Resorts all around the world, so you may be wondering which sandal resorts are great for couples?

Though many of the resorts are perfect for couples, the resort that we recommend is the resort found in Jamaica. Jamaica is a surprisingly good location for a couple’s holiday. Picture the scene, Rasta bands performing beautiful music while you and the love of your life sip fruity cocktails on the beach, can you think of anything more romantic?

You are also guaranteed to catch a bit of sun and vitamin D is known to make you feel much better and way happier, which may lessen the chance of pesky couples arguments while you are away. If you have never been to Jamaica, then you may not have tried Jamaica cuisine before. Jamaican food is delicious and homely, which means that as well as being able to enjoy the sun, you will be able to tuck into some delicious meals.


Another location that is known for being extremely romantic is Venice. If you think back at a lot of the romantic films that have been made throughout the years, Venice always pops up as the main location for a lot of them.

For years there have been stories about some of the most epic love stories happening there and if you visit there to this day, you can see several monuments dedicated to some of the patrons of love.

Venice is also known for its gondola rides, which give you a chance to sit tight with your partner and enjoy the beautiful scenery. If you get lucky, you may end up with a driver that will serenade you, which is just a memory that you will never forget.

Rome is known for having delicious and filling food and there is no better feeling than having a delicious bowl of pasta, before taking a stroll and taking in all of Venice’s beautiful scenery. It is hard to not feel in love in Venice and it is certainly something that you are going to remember for the rest of your life.

How Harry Potter Created the World of Fandoms

If you are someone that spends a lot of time on the internet, something that you are likely more than familiar with is fandoms. Fandoms can be described as a group of people that have an intense interest in a certain topic. Fandoms are usually obsessed with a certain TV show, movie, book, or game series.

Fandoms surpass your standard fan and for them, their obsession of choice usually takes up plenty of their lives. People that are involved in fandoms usually spend a lot of time discussing their interests online with their fellow fans. Many even make videos, cosplay and generally share their appreciation of what they love.

These fans can get pretty intense and they are often very defensive of the topic that they hold dearly, so it is best to just allow them to enjoy their thing. Nobody knows where fandoms started and it has been a topic of debate for some time now. I personally have my own opinion on when I think fandom culture started.

I believe that fandom culture really made its way into the public spectrum after the release of Harry Potter. You may think that this is a ridiculous claim, but I have some reasoning behind my claims.

Harry Potter Merchandise

No series has ever had as much merchandise released in public stores as Harry Potter. Even some of the most popular book series never reach a point where they have publicly sold merchandise.

This merchandise would not be available in so many stores if the owners did not believe that it would be bought. This is because the Harry Potter fandom, also known as Potterheads, are very dedicated to the series and want to wear merchandise that shows off their love for the series.

If you go to any clothing store, you are bound to run into a Harry Potter themed item of clothing, even though the last movie was released over a decade ago. The fact that these items still appear in-store shows just how in-demand they are. You could not name a single other book series that has had this effect on the mass market and it has been this way since the early 2000s. Potterheads are not dwindling, they are only increasing by the year. This means more and more merchandise will continue to be bought, showing just how powerful the fandom is.

The Online Culture

There are many online forums that are dedicated to everything Harry Potter. If you go online and type Harry Potter, you will get Billions of results, many of them being recent publications. If you think of the world of online quizzes, many of them are still dedicated to Harry Potter. From ‘Which Harry Potter character are you, to the classic Harry Potter house quiz. Fans are still actively making content for other fans to enjoy online, which shows just how prominent the fandom continues to be. This has been something that has spanned almost 30 years and it shows no sign of slowing down.

TikTok Trends: The Best Purchases TikTok Inspired us to Make

TikTok is an app in which you create an account, and you can either just follow other people who post videos and like the suggested videos that come up on the for you page, or if you’re creative then you can post your own videos and hopefully start to get likes and followers yourself. The videos tend to be short which keeps people interested and it is one of the most addictive social media sites that there is. There have been loads of TikTok trends since the app first became popular from making iced coffee to trying out all sorts of different dances. TikTok is appropriate for all age groups as the algorithm is extremely complex so it is unlikely anyone young would be shown anything that they shouldn’t. There are many suitable videos for those around the age of 10 who are usually too young for social media, this is one purchase that TikTok has made much easier as there are websites filled with gift ideas based on TikTok, bezoek deze website voor verjaardagscadeaus voor 10-jarige meisjes if you were struggling to think of something. TikTok has inspired us to make any purchases and we’ve found out what the biggest TikTok trends were that led people to purchase things. 


Make-up is a massive feature on TikTok with millions of people putting up makeup tutorials every single day. Watching other people do their make-up has allowed people to see what products look like on and when there has been a great product that someone has talked about, people flock to purchase it too. One of the most popular make-up products that have been a trend on TikTok is a poreless putty primer. It was an $8 primer that works just as well as primers that cost around $50, as it was such a bargain many people purchased it.  


LED Lights

In the past year, people have spent more time stuck in their bedrooms than ever before due to the pandemic. This meant that people were often looking for products to spruce up their room. These LED lights looked amazing in people’s TikTok videos, they were aesthetically pleasing and relaxing. After they went viral on TikTok people went mad for them and were inspired to purchase some themselves. 


Kitchen Tools

If you’re not a TikTok user then this one may seem quite strange to you. When we say kitchen tools, we don’t mean a standard knife and fork, One big trend on TikTok is people buying helpful items from amazon and reviewing them on their channel. On channels like this one thing that often comes up is exciting kitchen tools that most people haven’t seen before. There has been a planet of kitchen products that have been reviewed by various TikTok channels but some of the favorite tools that people went on to purchase include kitchen shears, a pineapple cutter, and an apple cutter. 

The Definitive Ranking of the Best Content Platforms Online

In the last ten years, the world has moved almost completely online. Everything that we could once do in person, is now even more convenient through the use of the internet. Something that has made the biggest change in the last few years is how the media and entertainment industry works. People no longer tune into their tv at a specific time to catch their favorite show. Instead, they log onto their favorite platform and check out what their favorite content producers have created.  

Every year, a new content platform is created. With so many platforms entering the market, it can be hard to distinguish which one of them is the best. Though the best of the bunch really depends on your personal taste, here is our ranking of what we believe to be the best content platforms available online right now.  


One of the oldest and most popular content platforms online is Youtube. This site has been around since 2006 and has played a big part in the development of many of our lives during adolescence. Every day new content creator steps up and publishes a video on the platform. Due to just how many content creators there are on youtube, you are bound to find a video that fits your own personal tastes.  

The diversity of the site is one of the reasons that it has continued to be so popular and it is hard to find someone that hasn’t turned to youtube for entertainment or even help with a DIY project. For this reason, it is hard to rank Youtube anywhere below first on our list. 

Youtube is not only great for people looking to watch content, it is also great for people who want to create content.  Many platforms promise to offer a positive experience for content creators, but unfortunately, that is not always the case. Youtube allows you to use ads in order to make an income for what you love to do and these ads are usually given to you depending on how many views that you get.  Many people look at where to buy cheap youtube views as a way to increase their income while using the site, doing this is also a great way to advertise your channel to others too. 



This is one of the newer platforms that has become popular in the last few years and there is no doubting that TikTok has really taken the world by storm. It is impossible to look anywhere online without running into a TikTok and more and more companies are using the platform to advertise their businesses, which is only increasing the popularity of the platform.  

TikTok has become so popular due to the fact it is a great platform to show off your skills and passions, no matter what they are. You can essentially find all kinds of genres on the site, from makeup videos to comedy skits. If you are someone who has used the internet for a number of years, then you are probably familiar with a site called Vine. Many people believe that TikTok has become a replacement for the much-missed app and so there is no wonder why people have been so eager to get involved. If you are someone that loves short clips and wants an escape from your usual viewings, then we would recommend that you make an account. 


If you are someone that has a love of gaming, then you have certainly heard of Twitch. These days Twitch can be used for essentially any genre, but since its creation, it has been popularly used by gamers.  This is one of the most popular content platforms available on the internet due to the fact it allows fans to interact with their favorite creators. 

This platform is also great for the actual creators as they are able to support their careers due to the help of their fans, who are able to make donations during streams or join a subscription service where they pay monthly fees in order to support their favorite creators. This site is also extremely user-friendly and essentially anyone can figure out how to use it.  


Behind the Scenes: 7 Famous TV Homes that You can Actually Visit

If you are someone that is a fan of many popular TV shows and films, you may have found yourself focusing on more than the drama of what you are watching. This is especially the case if you are watching a TV show that is often set in the same place. If you are constantly seeing your favorite characters functioning within one space, it is hard not to get some form of emotional attachment to that space. When the shows or movie series that you love ends, you can often find yourself also missing the environment in which they were filmed.


A lot of the time, the scenes that you are seeing unfold are not actually taking place in an actual home or apartment- they are instead taking place on a set. This can be extremely disappointing if you are someone that is a big fan and would like the chance to visit the location that once housed all of your favorite stars, however luckily a lot of sets do allow you to visit and tour.


If you are someone that is desperate to go and visit some of the houses from your favorite shows and movies, fret not. There is still a lot that is available for you to visit today and here is a list of our top seven picks.


Home Alone- Winnetka, Illinois

Everyone has watched Home Alone. It is one of the most famous Christmas movies to ever exist and the house is one of the most famous elements of the movie, due to all of the traps that Kevin set throughout his home. To call this place a house would be an understatement as it is more of a mansion, which of course it would have to be in order to house all of the children that lived there. You can go and visit this famous house right now and have a look at all of the rooms Kevin explored, including the terrifying basement.


Father Of The Bride- Pasadena, California

If you are someone that was raised in the ’80s/90’s, you will be more than aware of the cult classic– the ‘Father of the Bride’. The house from this film has a special place in the hearts of a lot of people, as it is the main location that we saw Annie get married and even raise her children. The house was one of the main focuses of the film and so before it’s eventually torn down, make sure you go and check it out.


The Exorcist- Washington, DC

One of the most iconic houses on this list is the house in which the spooky events of the exorcist took place. There are plenty of tours that give you the opportunity to take a look around the house, especially around Halloween time. Houses like this bring a lot of tourism to Washington and have really helped to improve the realtor scene, so thanks to films like this, thehouseguys will buy your house fast in washington dc due to all of the tourist demand.


Harry Potter’s Home-  Bracknell, Berkshire

Though you cannot enter this one, the setting for Harry Potter’s actual house is actually completely real. It is occupied by a couple and has been for some time, but they are more than happy to allow people to take pictures outside the home and gain that Potterhead experience.

The Mrs. Doubtfire Home- SF, California

After the passing of the late and great Robin Williams, a lot of fans felt the need to divulge in some nostalgia and visit some of the actor’s most iconic locations. Arguably one of the most iconic of his movies is Mrs. Doubtfire, and you can go and visit where it is filmed and spend some time where Robin once worked.


American Horror Story- New Orleans, Louisiana

If you are an American Horror Story fan, you will know that there was nothing more iconic than the staircase used within the Coven season of the shower. The clinical white house was one of the most impressive parts of the show and so it is understandable that fans would be excited to visit it. Luckily, the house owners do a lot of AHS themed events, so you can go and get your witch on.


Charmed, Los Angeles, California

Charmed is another iconic show that completely defined a generation. Arguably the most notable parts of the house are the central attic, where most of the events of the show took place. It is also where the witches would keep their trusty spellbook and so was the center for a lot of drama. Today you can go to the house and get some really interesting behind the scenes insight on how it would feel to be a Halliwell sister.

6 Of the Best Animes You Need to be Watching Right Now!

When thinking of ways to pass the time, there will always be something out there for you to watch. However, what many of us English speaking folks out there often forget is that there is a whole other world of content out there for us to explore in a multitude of different languages. One of the best examples of this would have to be the Japanese animations, better known as anime. Whether you’re already a fan of the genre or if you’re stepping into a whole new world, here are 6 of the best anime’s you need to be watching right now.


Attack on Titan

An honorable mention on any anime fans list, the story follows brother and sister duo, Erin and Mikasa, as they are thrust into their own personal hell as the wall built around their city is suddenly destroyed and breached by human-eating monsters, the titans, for the first time in hundreds of years. Now, they decide to join the fight to protect the people in the various levels and eventually reclaim their city. It’s a heartfelt and often edge-of-your-seat type of entertainment. There is a fair share of gory moments within the anime, but if you feel like you have the stomach for it, it’s certainly worth the watch.


Tokyo Ghoul

An anime with arguably the best and most beautiful introduction, Tokyo Ghoul is an absolute must-watch. The anime is based on the popular supernatural horror manga of the same name. The story follows shy college student Kaneki, who after going on a date with a girl he met in a coffee shop, is attacked whilst walking home and wakes up in a hospital to find that he is suddenly repulsed by normal food and is now hungry for human flesh. He is then forced to come to terms with the fact that he is now half-ghoul, a notorious humanoid monster known and feared throughout Japan.


Ouran High School Host Club

More of a fun entry on this list, OHHC follows the story of Haruhi, a kid living well below the poverty line who has been given the scholarship to come to one of the most expensive schools in Japan. Whilst trying to find a place to study, Haruhi stumbles across the host club. A group of the richest and most sought-after boys in the school, who are paid by the female students to spend time with them. While trying to avoid being recruited into the club, Haruhi steps back, knocking over and breaking an expensive vase. To pay off his debt, he is forced to work in the host club – whilst also trying to keep his secret.



A fun and relatable anime for anybody in their 20s, Aggretsuko follows 20-something-year-old office worker Retsuko as she comes to terms with where her life is at and whether or not she wants to do something about it. She navigates through work, life, and relationships with a colorful cast of friends and co-workers to make the journey even more interesting. There are now 3 seasons for you to binge and fall in love with.


My Hero Academia

A well-known and colorful anime; in a world where everybody is born with a superpower, MHA follows Izuku Midoriya, the only exception, as he is recruited for one of the top superhero training academies and is forced to decide on whether he is capable of becoming a superhero without any powers. MHA also has a massive fandom, if you’re interested in brushing up on your knowledge, there are plenty of my hero academia quizzes available online. With a bit of practice, you’ll be up there fighting with the best of them in no time at all.


Death Note

Another popular addition to any anime-lovers list, Death Note follows the story of Light Yagami, a straight-A student bored with his life. After discovering a notebook, he finds out that whatever name he writes in the book, within 24 hours that person will die. Soon Light becomes overtaken by the power of the notebook. As people begin to notice the pattern of deaths, a task force is set up to catch the serial killer known as Kira, headed by detective consultant, L. Will Light get caught or will the deaths continue to plague the streets of Japan?

YouTube Drama: Is Keemstar Getting Sued By YouTube?

We could spend hours listing all the controversial YouTube celebrities. It seems every day another YouTuber has said something offensive or is taking aim at a group of people they dislike. The sad truth of the matter is fame often goes to the heads of these people and corrupts them. It lets the innate darkness within them seep out and present itself in their video content.

But today we are looking at one of the biggest, and often most controversial names on YouTube. Keemstar. And we will be examing the rumor that is might be being sued by YouTube itself. A court case he would be sure to lose.



But first, who is Keemstar? For those of you that don’t know, Keemstar is a YouTuber who began his career in the very early days of youtube. Originally he created funny videos and did commentary on video games. Mainly on Call of duty matches. It was here he first gained some renown as a commentator for some of the biggest CoD matches in gaming history.

His channel, KillerKeemstar, soon blew up as he began hosting a YouTube talk show where he would invite various guests, often with disagreeing views, and have them debate it out. In the early days of YouTube, this became one of the first online shows of its kind.

Soon Keemstar would find his niche when he began his YouTube Drama series. Essentially working as a news show meets panel discussion meets debate forum. YouTube Drama would focus on the biggest happenings and gossip stories within the YouTube community. He would invite people who were in the middle of heated feuds and add fuel to the fire.

He would also do spotlight sessions, where he would bring in unknown YouTubers. And became quite popular in the community by getting real views on YouTube channels that were otherwise going to remain obscure.

And it is also here that we see his slow decline into controversy.


Stirring the Pot

At first, many critics of Keemstar said he was intentionally stirring the pot with the drama to get more views. Which, of course, he admitted he was. That was the draw of his show and made sense. But soon he began stirring the pot with the community as a whole.

It started with him tweeting horrible or aggressive things towards people that disagreed with him. His messages would often be insensitive and disrespectful. He soon made a number of enemies. Including most of the gaming community as his disgusting response to Totalbiscuits cancer diagnosis. Keemstar soon became one of the most hated men on YouTube.


The Lawsuit

The latest rumor says that Keemstar recently put out a series of tweets, which have since been deleted, in which he made some serious claims about the legitimacy of YouTube and its ad services. In the tweets, he essentially called them thieves and liars and used insulting and borderline racist language to get his point across.

YouTube apparently is reported to be thinking of moving into a class action suit against Keemstar. The charges would be defamation, slander, and hate speech. Our source says they plan to use the backlog of all the terrible and hateful things Keemstar has said in the past in what could be considered a character assassination.

While this all remains speculation and rumor at the moment, it would not be a surprising move. Considering the current political climate, YouTube could be hoping to crush Keemstar before he draws too much attention and YouTube comes under fire for giving him a platform to spread hate.


5 Great Films Set in New Jersey

Many films find the setting in New Jersey, some reaching the heights of top ten lists on sights like IMDB. If we were to list all the quality productions we would be here for far too long, though there are 5 that stand out.


Being John Malkovich

Being John Malkovich is a stellar film from such a unique angle, its plot revolves around a puppeteer finding a door that allows those who pass through to see through the eyes of the famous actor John Malkovich, he then monetizes for 20-minute intervals as after that they are ejected out onto the Jersey Turnpike. The blend of realism and absurdism really find a happy warm-spot in this film, there are genuine characters who have very subtle underlying issues and fantasies that combine with the fairly unique premise to create this experience that is enjoyable and more than slightly thought-provoking.


War of the Worlds.

War of the Worlds when it was first written was the first the world had ever seen of the genre of Science Fiction, and the films do the original book justice by far. There are two versions to pick from one from 1953 and another from the early 2000s, either are a fabulous watch though the 20th-century version might hold more nostalgia in the way films use to be made. It is about Martians invading earth and the subsequent chaos that comes which such an extinction-level event.  This film carries excitement in buckets and asks that eerie question ‘what would happen if there was life on Mars, and what if they found us?’.


Paul Blart Mall Cop

There are some jobs that movies bring to the life you would never expect (I am still waiting on a film based on the pest control in nj though) Paul Blart is that exact thing. Paul Blart Mall cop and its subsequent sequels are good films to enjoy for their on the nose simplicity. Headed by funny-man Kevin James, this energy-filled comedy follows the titular Paul Blart, who fails in his training to be a police officer for the New Jersey police force, so instead decides to climb to the career he actually wants by gaining a job as a mall cop, but when a bank-heist situation arises, he has to step up and predictable hilarity ensues.


Friday 13th

Hailed as one of the most iconic horror franchises of all time, following the murders of Mrs. Vorhees, a distraught mother who lost her son to drowning whilst he was at camp, the fault of which she blames on the sexed-up councilors. This gore-fest is such a classic in the slasher genre, and a commonly misunderstood original considering Jason Vorhees becomes the main villain in the sequels, but it has some amazing performances from Betsy Palmer and a youthful Kevin Bacon. The sequels are also highly recommended for those more familiar with the Hockey mask wearing zombie-like Jason. The villain the franchise is now known for.


A beautiful mind

A beautiful mind is a biographical piece based on the life of John Nash, a Nobel-prize winning Mathematician. Starring Russell Crowe in one of his finest performances to date, it follows the character as he goes through life with this incredible brain that can easily decrypt and decode messages from sight alone, a skill that only he possessed. The emotion is rife in this film, Nash’s paranoid Schizophrenia combined with a period-plot revolving around the Cold War leading to Nash believing he was being followed by Soviet spies due to his condition means there is so many themes and discussions in this film that will leave a lasting impression on anyone who watches it.