Great Destinations For Your First Couples Holiday

If you are someone that has started a relationship in the last couple of years or so, you are what the world refers to as a lockdown couple. As a lockdown couple, you have not had the same experiences as other couples. You likely met in a way that wasn’t very typical, such as through social media, and it is likely that it took you a while to actually meet due to the difficult restrictions.

Lockdown couples were not able to go on as many dates thanks to the difficult rules. They were also unable to meet a lot of the milestones experienced by couples, such as traveling to meet each other’s family or enjoying exciting valentines together.

One of the main milestones that a lot of lockdowns have unfortunately had to miss is their first couple holiday. A couple’s first holiday usually happens within the first couple of years of their relationship, of course depending on their financial position.

People often say a first holiday together is a good test of how your relationship will last. Booking a holiday can be incredibly stressful and it can put a lot of pressure on your relationship, especially if things go wrong. Having a holiday together works as a bit of a test to whether or not your relationship would survive this stress.

A lot of people have been unable to experience this test in their relationship due to the restrictions surrounding travel. However, the world is starting to open up again, which means that there is a good chance that we may be able to return to booking holidays next year.

For couples who have not had the chance to head on holiday, now is an exciting time. You can now look at booking a holiday ahead of next year. Picking a destination for a holiday can be difficult, especially if it is your first together, you don’t want to get it wrong.

To have a successful couples holiday, the best thing that you can do is select somewhere that is perfect for couples. Here are some options for the best destinations for your first couples holiday.


If you are looking for the perfect first-holiday destination, there is no better place than Paris. France in general is a fantastic country with a rich history that is just waiting to be explored. Paris is the most romantic city in the world, with brilliant bakeries and restaurants, along with the Eiffel tower.

It is suggested that every couple should visit Paris at least once in their life, as it is guaranteed to keep that spark in your relationship lit. Paris is aware that so many couples travel there for a romantic week or weekend, and so you can find hundreds of extremely romantic hotels.

The use of Air BnB is very common in Paris and you can rent an apartment in a fantastic location, meaning that your romantic time away with your partner will not be disturbed by hotel staff and other guests.


If you have browsed the internet looking for somewhere to stay, it is likely that you have stumbled across something called the Sandals Resort. The Sandals Resorts are a common resort that a lot of couples go for when traveling. The only issue is that there are a lot of different Sandals Resorts all around the world, so you may be wondering which sandal resorts are great for couples?

Though many of the resorts are perfect for couples, the resort that we recommend is the resort found in Jamaica. Jamaica is a surprisingly good location for a couple’s holiday. Picture the scene, Rasta bands performing beautiful music while you and the love of your life sip fruity cocktails on the beach, can you think of anything more romantic?

You are also guaranteed to catch a bit of sun and vitamin D is known to make you feel much better and way happier, which may lessen the chance of pesky couples arguments while you are away. If you have never been to Jamaica, then you may not have tried Jamaica cuisine before. Jamaican food is delicious and homely, which means that as well as being able to enjoy the sun, you will be able to tuck into some delicious meals.


Another location that is known for being extremely romantic is Venice. If you think back at a lot of the romantic films that have been made throughout the years, Venice always pops up as the main location for a lot of them.

For years there have been stories about some of the most epic love stories happening there and if you visit there to this day, you can see several monuments dedicated to some of the patrons of love.

Venice is also known for its gondola rides, which give you a chance to sit tight with your partner and enjoy the beautiful scenery. If you get lucky, you may end up with a driver that will serenade you, which is just a memory that you will never forget.

Rome is known for having delicious and filling food and there is no better feeling than having a delicious bowl of pasta, before taking a stroll and taking in all of Venice’s beautiful scenery. It is hard to not feel in love in Venice and it is certainly something that you are going to remember for the rest of your life.