Is Hollywood Going to Ban Paparazzi from Harassing Celebrities

It is said that the constant hounding from paparazzi is one of the biggest issues faced by people who enter the world of fame, as more and more shock headlines fill the news regarding high profile celebrities and the issues they have faced thanks to being chased by paparazzi, the question is raised as to whether we should be putting more steps into place to protect our favorite celebrities. We have to remember that although many celebrities are aware of the risks that come with fame, they are people too, and they should be entitled to their privacy and peace of mind that themselves and their loved ones are safe.


The aggressive nature of the paparazzi that has been displayed in recent news is truly appalling, it is true that everyone should be able to work but when paparazzi are risking their own and their victim’s safety, something has to change. With many celebrities sharing stories of how paparazzi have chased them down in their cars when their children are present, or with paparazzi entering their private property hoping to get a shot, it is time to make regulations much stricter in order to reduce the constant stress that many celebrities face on a daily basis. All too often are we seeing news headlines with yet another story of a young paparazzi taking their simple point and shoot camera and risking lives for the sake of making a few bucks?


Health and Safety

There is a real demand for stricter health and safety regulations when it comes to paparazzi, when so many examples of celebrity harassment can be found, it is time to make a change to restrict where and when paparazzi are able to take pictures and there should be further enforcement in cases where people are ignoring the rules. It is so unnecessary for the paparazzi to chase celebrities in situations where they are spending time with loved ones and where they should be entitled to some privacy. Most celebrities are very accommodating when it comes to allowing paparazzi photographs however, there should be a level of respect for people’s private family life especially when most celebrities allow for allocated times and events where they allow photos to be taken of them.



Although celebrities will be used to handling the stress of paparazzi harassment and many would argue that they should have to deal with that due to the fact that they live such lavish lifestyles, the family of many celebrities particularly young children did not sign up for the lifestyle, and so they should be allowed some degree of privacy. It is a common occurrence for paparazzi to step out of line and take steps like breaking into a celebrity property in order to get a good photograph. It is my personal opinion that this is a very wrong thing to do and whether the paparazzi is “just doing their job” or not, they should receive some form of punishment for this.


Current Paparazzi Regulations

At the moment there are very few actual laws surrounding what the paparazzi can and cannot do in terms of respecting the boundaries of the celebrities they photograph. It is actually illegal for a paparazzi to photograph a child in a way that antagonizes the parents, although this law has not actually made a significant difference and many paparazzi go unpunished for an offense. Again it is illegal for paparazzi to break the law in any way, yet we are still seeing cases where celebrities are being pursued and having their property entered without permission. Although the laws are in place it is very clear they are not being respected, the situation should be reviewed and the consequences of breaking these laws made harsher.


What Changes Should Be Made to the Laws Surrounding Paparazzi


It should be a criminal offense for a paparazzi to publish images that were obtained through unlawful means, rather than allowing the paparazzi to get what they want and get paid no matter how they obtained the picture.


The consequences of repeat offenses and in cases where a paparazzi is harassing a celebrity and their families should be much more severe, rather than allowing so many to get off the hook, the crime should be like any other and in extreme cases maybe even carry a custodial sentence.

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