Ranking the 7 Funniest Videos 2020 Gifted Us

Though 2020 has brought us a lot of disappointment and heartbreak, it is hard to deny that it didn’t also bring us a collection of fantastic viral videos. Since the majority of us have had no choice but to stay inside, we have all become well acquainted with streaming services and popular apps. While we have all explored these apps, we have all shared laughs at some of the most popular videos that have taken over the internet this year. Here is our ranking of the seven funniest videos that 2020 gifted us. 


This is a video that you will certainly be familiar with. An interaction that was originally recorded between two humans, this video has been parodied in millions of different ways involving many different scenarios.  This video consists of two people having a joke argument over some distance, sharing some classic yo mama jokes that make us all laugh out loud.  

Granny bong rip 

A video that you are bound to have seen at some point in the last year is the video of an old lady trying a bong for the first time at the age of 80. This older lady handled the bong rip like a champ, or so you would think for the first few seconds, very quickly her facade dropped and she was quickly coughing uncontrollably.  Though we found this video funny, we definitely think that she should avoid smoking in the future. If she has taken a liking to marijuana or CBD-based products, then CBDSense.fr a un grand assortiment d’huile de CBD that she can look into buying. 

Samuel L Jackson book read 

Everything that Samuel L Jackson does somehow makes us laugh. At the start of lockdown, we were lucky enough to witness Mr. Jackson reading passages from his new book that is entirely dedicated to staying inside during the pandemic. Of course, if it is a book by Samuel L Jackson, then there are bound to be a few swear words thrown in. However, this video was televised live and so Mr. Jackson had to be sure to carefully censor some of the words that he was saying, which only made the event even funnier to see and had the host laughing too. This video was some welcome comic relief during a difficult time and we are all bound to remember it for a while. 

You have no authority, Jackie Weaver 

One of the most recent videos on the list is the church zoom call incident. This video gave us an insight into the world of church relations and we were able to see that business operated in a way that none of us could have expected. This video has it all and is as long as an episode of your favorite show. If you have ever been in a zoom call and wanted to kick someone who was being especially annoying, then you will take great pleasure in this video. Everybody loves a little drama and it is even better when it is happening between a group of older churchgoers. 


News anchor ambush  

The best kind of videos are when live shows go wrong and that is just what happened during a broadcast in mid-2020. While reporting the news, an anchor was ambushed by an excited teenager who went on to repeat everything that he was saying. Though this wasn’t the most creative approach, the reaction of the news anchor is what made this video so hilarious. It is also great to see people just having fun in the current climate and only lasts a few minutes, making it easy to enjoy. 

Replicating the voice of cavemen

One of the best videos that surfaced last year was the video of scientists trying to explain what the voice of a caveman could have possibly sounded like. This video has a big lead up which includes positioning the figure of a male before he lets out a shriek. Nobody expected the voice to sound like this, so there is no wonder why so many people found it hilarious. You can find the video online and we can only hope that they created a perfect replica.  

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