The 6 Best Nature Documentaries Ever Made

The Blue Planet

The Blue Planet is a pretty recently released documentary detailing the huge variety of aquatic wildlife that exists on our planet, this documentary is a very informative piece of work which it is pretty clear that a lot of hard work has gone into production. From sharks to huge whales, if you are someone with an interest in what is lurking beneath our waters then this is definitely the one for you. This series follows highly-skilled divers with the most cutting-edge equipment including high-quality buoyancy control system components, scuba gear, and underwater cameras, this technology allows viewers to get a much clearer insight into the underwater world.


Night On Earth

This documentary follows creatures from all walks of the animal kingdom, what many documentaries lack is an in-depth account of what the animals get up to at night. This is where Night on earth differs from other series that are available due to the fact that it takes place at night time through the majority of the documentary. What many don’t know about their favorite animals is that they are so active during the night so getting an insight into things like a lion’s night hunt is definitely a valuable experience.


David Attenborough – A Life On Our Planet

The work of David Attenborough is well known by the majority of people around the world, his relaxing tone and vast knowledge of natural life are comparable to no other. Life on our planet highlights the impact of human life on the animal kingdom, showing animals who have evolved for a more industrialized world and the impact it has had in comparison to animals that are still able to roam their natural habitat.


Tiny Creatures

Many people forget just how many different species of animals there are out there, with most nature documentaries focusing on the larger, popular animals rather than showing us what could be considered less interesting. Tiny creatures show us exactly that and inform us about some of the smaller animals we may not be as familiar with. By focusing on smaller creatures we are able to see just how vast our animal kingdom is and learn something new about animals we didn’t even know exist. This fresh approach is definitely worth a watch as it goes into great detail about the trials and tribulations associated with the food chain.


Walking With Dinosaurs

If you are somebody with a passion for the historic creatures that roamed the Earth long before our time then you are bound to enjoy Walking With Dinosaurs, with high-quality computer-generated imaging showing in detail some of the scariest dinosaurs that used to exist. The fact that all of this show is computer generated is really surreal as the footage looks as though it had been filmed in real life. Walking With Dinosaurs is a truly informative series that would be a great watch for anyone with an interest in how the Dinosaurs lived and how they came to an end.


Planet Earth

The final documentary on this list would have to be another one by David Attenborough, his knowledge of our planet and its inhabitants is unlike anyone else’s so it makes sense he would get two spots on this list. {lante Earth is an informative series following animals from different habitats per episode, this series provides a nice variety of information about different types of animals that live on our planet. With high-quality footage and impressive visual landscapes prepare to be shocked by how brilliant this documentary is, both in terms of it’s visual and informative elements.

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