TikTok Trends: The Best Purchases TikTok Inspired us to Make

TikTok is an app in which you create an account, and you can either just follow other people who post videos and like the suggested videos that come up on the for you page, or if you’re creative then you can post your own videos and hopefully start to get likes and followers yourself. The videos tend to be short which keeps people interested and it is one of the most addictive social media sites that there is. There have been loads of TikTok trends since the app first became popular from making iced coffee to trying out all sorts of different dances. TikTok is appropriate for all age groups as the algorithm is extremely complex so it is unlikely anyone young would be shown anything that they shouldn’t. There are many suitable videos for those around the age of 10 who are usually too young for social media, this is one purchase that TikTok has made much easier as there are websites filled with gift ideas based on TikTok, bezoek deze website voor verjaardagscadeaus voor 10-jarige meisjes if you were struggling to think of something. TikTok has inspired us to make any purchases and we’ve found out what the biggest TikTok trends were that led people to purchase things. 


Make-up is a massive feature on TikTok with millions of people putting up makeup tutorials every single day. Watching other people do their make-up has allowed people to see what products look like on and when there has been a great product that someone has talked about, people flock to purchase it too. One of the most popular make-up products that have been a trend on TikTok is a poreless putty primer. It was an $8 primer that works just as well as primers that cost around $50, as it was such a bargain many people purchased it.  


LED Lights

In the past year, people have spent more time stuck in their bedrooms than ever before due to the pandemic. This meant that people were often looking for products to spruce up their room. These LED lights looked amazing in people’s TikTok videos, they were aesthetically pleasing and relaxing. After they went viral on TikTok people went mad for them and were inspired to purchase some themselves. 


Kitchen Tools

If you’re not a TikTok user then this one may seem quite strange to you. When we say kitchen tools, we don’t mean a standard knife and fork, One big trend on TikTok is people buying helpful items from amazon and reviewing them on their channel. On channels like this one thing that often comes up is exciting kitchen tools that most people haven’t seen before. There has been a planet of kitchen products that have been reviewed by various TikTok channels but some of the favorite tools that people went on to purchase include kitchen shears, a pineapple cutter, and an apple cutter. 

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